A week in tweets

This week I am starting a New Thing, so bear with me while I set the scene. I promise that next week I won’t blather on. It’s a thing that you can get involved in though, so do pay attention.

Inspired by a column in Mslexia magazine, I’m starting a new regular slot called ‘A Week in Tweets’. Every Tuesday I’m going to post my week in tweet form, so no more than 140 characters for each day, and I’d love it if you would do the same and come and share them.

They can be real events or completely made up, I don’t mind, as it’s a great creative writing exercise – the writing process is all about the editing after all, and the 140 character limit is a fantastic way to boil your writing time to it’s basics. Some weeks I might have a theme, sometimes they’ll be funny (hopefully), and sometimes they might be sad. This week though, as it’s new, I’m easing myself in gently with some general twittering that I think sums up my week.

Monday – Just entered a competition to win Β£50 worth of sweets. I think I need to focus a bit more. And perhaps eat some lunch.

Tuesday – Played at being in charge at @TheSteadyTable. Managed to remember names. Distracted though by cake cabinet.

Wednesday – Just tried the new chocolate Philadelphia. Feel a bit uncomfortable, like I’ve just eaten cheesecake on toast.

Thursday – Very excited about the Greek salad downstairs. (Not any kind of euphemism, although it sounds vaguely dirty).

Friday – End of working week. No excuse now for hiding in attic office drinking tea. 😦

Saturday – Overcame fear of wild horses by imagining worst case scenario – self crushed savagely underhoof. #powerofnegativethinking

Sunday – Woken up with lovely Mother’s Day cup of tea in bed. At 7.09am. *frowns*

I’d really love it if you joined it, but there’s no pressure, I shall do it regardless. If you do fancy taking part, I’ve even made a badge, which you can add to your own blog. It took me about 27 hours to work out how to do all of this, so please try to look impressed, even if you don’t want it:

This is the code you need:

<a href=”http://www.slummysinglemummy.wordpress.com/a-week-in-tweets/”><img src=”http://i1255.photobucket.com/albums/hh629/Slummysinglemummy/Aweekintweets.jpg&#8221; alt=”” width=”144″ height=”196″ /></a>

If you’ve written your own week in tweets, please leave a comment and a link. I promise to read them all.

26 thoughts on “A week in tweets

    • If by ‘make’ you mean did I spend a significant amount of time searching for an unusual, copyright free twitter related image, and then use PAINT, (like a six year old), to add some text and make it the right size, then yes, yes I did πŸ™‚

      The tricky bit was the coding, and getting it to show in the post and not just turn into another picture! I really do NOT understand HTML…

  1. Lovely to find you, and this is a great idea. Impressive badge-making BTW. I may join in but this week’s Tweets included a story about trying on my 35 yr old Girl Guide uniform (bonkers, and very tight) and a picture of Little House on the Prairie….not even sure why I shared them the first time, let alone round 2!!!!

    • Perfect! I love the idea of tweets pretending to be different things and people. I’m definitely going to tweet as both my daughters at some point. And perhaps my favourite TV and book characters. Or maybe the Queen – Sue Townsend style. So many possibilities!

    • I love these – I think they’re brilliant, you tell such a story in so few words!

      Sorry about the badge not working, I knew I was shite at coding… maybe just a bit of copying and pasting??

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