Do you have a mental health story to share?

This month, as I was just reminded on twitter, not that I’d forgotten or anything, I am hosting a Mental Health Carnival.

The Mental Health Carnival is a monthly round-up of mental health related blog posts, started by Carol from Dance Without Sleeping and hosted by a different blogger every month.

On April 27th I will be publishing a selection of the best posts from across the blogosphere, which makes it sound terribly exclusive, as though I will be reading EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD and then choosing my favourites, but actually it’s not like that at all. If you have written, or plan on writing, a relevant post before April 25th and would like to see it featured, all you have to do is email me the link, and I will include it.

You see, not that exclusive after all is it?

Even if you’ve never written about mental health before, this could be your chance. Perhaps you have a personal story you’d like to tell, thoughts you’d like to share, random words you want to jot down on a scrap of paper and scan, it’s up to you.

Just drop me a line before April 25th* and leave the rest to me.


*This is my birthday by the way. Just saying.

4 thoughts on “Do you have a mental health story to share?

  1. I wrote a discreet post last week about trying to get the patient trreatment. It is a vicious merrygo round….especially in Ireland. I’ll link to it on your FB post. Thanks for the opportunity..

    xx Jazzy

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