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A week in tweets – #firstworldproblems

A week in tweets – #firstworldproblems

Have you joined in with A Week In Tweets yet? Now’s your chance! This week I’m tweeting as Bee. Bee is 16, and prone to seeing the world through dung tinted glasses, as are quite a few teenagers, so I’ve heard. Here she is. She looks excited about the prospect of featuring in my blog … Continue reading

The one where Bee is hilarious

“I read your blog today in my free period,” said Bee, as I prepared her a wholesome dinner of beans on toast. “It wasn’t that great. I don’t really like it when you try to be serious. No offence. Constructive criticism and all that.” Indeed. Such tact and diplomacy these teenagers have. “You just like … Continue reading

Guest post: talking with teens

Today is guest post day, courtesy of a mystery draw over at Little Mummy. I was thrilled to find out I was swapping with Eggs, Cream and Honey, as obviously I love cake. I was less thrilled than when I found out she is up against me in the MAD blog awards, as her blog is … Continue reading